OCP Data Center Solutions Vendor, Wiwynn, Introduces Its High Density NVMe JBOF with Intel SSD ‘Ruler’ Form Factor

Wiwynn, an innovative OCP (Open Compute Project) solution provider delivering high-end computing and storage products, plus rack solutions for data centers, has introduced its new high-density 1U all-flash JBOF (Just a bunch of flash) – ST5100, based on the open-source cloud hardware specifications of Microsoft’s Project Olympus. By Author: Koen Stegeman https://hostingjournalist.com/news/ocp-data-center-solutions-vendor-wiwynn-introduces-high-density-nvme-jbof-intel-ssd-ruler-form-factor/

Data Analysis of Manufacturing Test Results for DRAM Module

Quality, cost and production capacity are always the top priorities for manufacturing. It is important to optimize all three aspects simultaneously and continuously. This paper shows the preliminary statistic data regarding the quality of DIMMs, SSDs and HDDs. Furthermore, It dives into DRAM module testing data and see how to optimize DIMM test process. Download it to learn more. Contact sales@wiwynn.com for further discussion

Wiwynn Exhibits at OCP US Summit 2018 with the Latest Technologies for the Next Generation Data Center

Igniting Next Generation Data Center with Wiwynn’s Innovative, Best-in-Class  Designs. Heads up, everyone! One of the OCP Summit 2018 highlights this year are the speeches prepared by our excellent engineers and experts! When you come to the Summit, you do not want to miss the OCP keynotes and neither the Executive Talks, where the most in depth speeches come from. Speaker: Sunlai Chang, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Wiwynn, will share his lifetime knowledge on how to satisfying future data center needs with …

Wiwynn Announces Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with NVMe Pooling Based on Intel® Rack Scale Design

Taipei, Taiwan – Oct. 25, 2017 –Wiwynn, an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider of high quality computing and storage products, plus rack solutions for data centers, announced the availability of Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with NVMe pooling based on Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD). Data center operators can benefit from the real-time resource management as well as the flexibility and efficiency of bare-metal hardware composition. The technology details can be found in the recently published whitepaper. Wiwynn® Cluster Manager is a system software that makes the …

Are You Ready for Software Defined Data Center?

Wiwynn announced the availability of the technology whitepaper on Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with the latest Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD) 2.1. This paper will discuss how the integrated solution complements virtualization technologies for advanced software defined data center (SDDC) and how Wiwynn’s innovation makes the architecture more complete. Wiwynn® Cluster Manager is a system software that makes data center easier to manage with features such as resource planning, massive firmware and OS deployment, real-time rack level visual monitoring. Intel® RSD is a logical architecture that …