Wiwynn OCP Global Summit 2019 Recap

Wiwynn® participated at OCP Global Summit 2019, March 14-15 by showcasing the latest server, storage and cooling technologies to address the demand of computing performance, power efficiency and advanced cooling technologies in next-generation data centers.

Power and cooling technologies have been key to the total cost of ownership (TCO) in data centers. This time, Wiwynn demonstrated the advanced two-phase immersion cooling tank with OCP servers for lower PUE with higher compute density.


Wiwynn also hosted 5 speeches and engineering workshops to present our technology development results and explore innovative ideas with industry experts.

For Project Olympus based high-density 1U NVMe storage system—Wiwynn ST5100 utilizing EDSFF SSD. Supply chain partners including Intel, LITE-ON, and Samsung also echo the increasing demand by having their EDSFF SSDs displayed at Wiwynn booth.

Leveraging Wiwynn’s expertise in high efficient and reliable open source hardware, including OCP and Project Olympus, Wiwynn expands product line for EIA19” rack with OCP design principle inspired SV302G3 (1U2N server) and SV500G3 (4U 8 GPU server).

Also demonstrated is the Linkedin-led Open19 Project server—SV6100G3 which draws a huge crowd as well.

Wiwynn also remote demonstrated the Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF) based on Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD).

Wiwynn welcome you to visit OCP Summit 2020 to explore the opportunities for what’s next in the cloud world.

Broadcom Announces Industry’s First Complete Portfolio of OCP NIC 3.0 Adapters for Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

OCP NIC 3.0 adapter solutions allow the industry to easily build high-performance server systems and effectively scale network capacity to meet the demands of high bandwidth applications such as machine learning, high performance computing (HPC), network function virtualization (NFV), and all flash arrays (AFA). “Wiwynn is pleased to work with our long-term partner—Broadcom to develop the new OCP NIC 3.0 solutions to enable high performance Ethernet connectivity in next-generation data centers,” said Steven Lu, vice president of product management at Wiwynn. “Broadcom is the industry leading supplier that can offer …

Join the morning workshop session with Shao Yen – Modeling Immersion Cooling Compatible with OCP Profile

In this workshop, we will present the design and implementation of Wiwynn rack-scale 2-phase immersion cooling management solution. First, we will examine the data schema which defines logical and physical objects of a tank conforms to applicable OCP Profiles. Then we will explain the additional attributes and actions with examples of the adopted chassis types needed for managing a tank. At a quick glance, a tank looks like a super huge enclosure with a bunch of semi-enclosed sleds. However, some intermediate layers in the object hierarchy are needed to signify …

Wiwynn Latest GPU server, find out from: Gregary Liu – Apply OCP Design Principles to Enhance 19 inch Power-Consuming GPU server

For high power consumption systems such as GPU server, the thermal solution is a big challenge. The breakthrough design of isolated cooling air channels is adopted in server board, GPU subsystem, and power supply units of Wiwynn SV500G3. The architecture sets the deep learning performance benefits free from thermal barriers under eight high power computing accelerators. Cooling efficiency is optimized with well managed air flow and hence achieved excellent CFM per wattage ratio. SV500G3 is also able to operate at higher ambient temperature for better PUE. The server board leverages …