Composable Infrastructure – The Foundation for a Future-Proof SDDC

We are well aware of the benefits of compasable infrastructure with Wiwynn & Intel® Rack Scake Design. But how do we get it started? In this whitepaper, we will introduce the entire implementation of Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with Intel® RSD, including proof-of-concept (POC), pilot-run, large-scale phase-in, and popular workloads deployment. This is to help potential adopters evaluate the benefits and feasibility of this solution and then transfer their workloads smoothly. Download now to learn how to start and phase in gradually !

SV7100G2 – Performance/watt optimized dense server for IoT and edge computing

Wiwynn® SV7100G2, utilizes Intel Xeon D SoC processor that emphasizing power and thermal efficiency, is easy for maintenance with front-end services and suitable for edge compute! Check out this 3D video clip, it explains all!

Wiwynn® Launches Intel® Select Solution for NFVI

Simplify and accelerate NFVI (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure) deployment Wiwynn, an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider for data centers, at SDN & NFV World Congress 2018 today, announced that Wiwynn® SV300G3, a verified Intel® Select Solution for NFVI on Red Hat, is now available. It   addresses the growing demands of NFV and SDN workloads which Communication Service Providers (CoSPs) utilize to empower ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency 5G technologies and edge computing applications. This NFV optimized solution will assist CoSPs to accelerate network transformation and central office (CO) re-architecture. Wiwynn® SV300G3, …

SV7000G2 – High-Density Storage for Big Data

With OCP Regional Summit starting its keynote now, Wiwynn is showcasing the latest OCP products at the same time! One of the well known product at Wiwynn booth is the OCP Project Bryce Canyon, 21inch 4U72Bay Storage. Check out its exquisite and refined design from this 3D video clip! Wiwynn SV7000G2, ST7000G2 OCP Marketplace…/wiwynn-bryce-canyon-sas12g-st…